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Hello…and welcome to¬† The Faux Frenchie

We are glad you’re here.

I’ve created this blog for crazy people like myself who are head over heels in love with French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

I believe we are a special kind of people who put up with the farts, the snorts, and the comical relief that comes from owning one or both of these breeds. We are actually owned by both breeds and now from the combined breed………….the faux Frenchie


Or Frenchton, as they are also known.

The term Frenchton simply means one parent is a Boston Terrier and the other parent is a French Bulldog.

The term Faux Frenchie is one step further…..It involves the percentage of French Bulldog in this equation.

So lets say you have a Frenchton, which is 50% French Bulldog and 50% Boston Terrier. Now when that offspring is bred to a French Bulldog………you have a higher percentage of French Bulldog over Boston Terrier….giving you a Faux Frenchie.


These two combinations have produced some of the most amazing and lovable puppies with the mixed personalities of both breeds. The best of both worlds….Comedy, loyalty, size, and they typically give the new puppy owner a more affordable option over the sometimes higher priced full French Bulldog price tags.

The Faux Frenchie’s appearance more closely resembles the look of a full French Bulldog.

This blog will celebrate this breed. Give education. Share entertainment. And offer products that I believe Frenchie and Boston lovers will appreciate.


So…..thanks for stopping by. Look around and come back often.

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